Eyetracking at your fingertips

Whether you are in the early stages of creative development, in doubt about which of your agency's designs would perform best, or just about to launch a product or campaign, expoze.io will feel like magic.

Find out how our predictive eye-tracking platform can help you create your best version, without needing participants...

Test your ads Test your ads

Test your ads

Ad creation is an interesting process, we know this by heart.

With expoze.io we take away the insecurities in ad creation, by scientifically predicting which elements in your ad draw attention, like the ladybug on the left. 

This allows you to make decisions, during the process of ad creation, that are driven by data rather than gut.


Validate any design

Obviously we're not just talking ads. From social posts and banners to flyers and brochures, expoze.io is able to do this for any design.

By validating your design choices using attention prediction you will be better able to guide your user, viewer or reader to those elements that are most important to you.

In the end, it's an absolute no brainer that a message would not get across if you would never see it, right?

Validate any design
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Improve your UI and UX

Improve your UI and UX

Another area in which expoze.io excels is UI and UX design.

Whether it's the buy button of a product in your ecommerce environment, the chat widget on your customer service page or the notification bubble in your messenger app, testing changes using expoze.io has never been easier nor quicker.

By identifying which elements on a website or in an application draw attention most, expoze.io helps you decide what to focus on first when optimizing your UI and UX.


Retail testing

Looking to optimize your retail formula? Want to test your in store material, like banners or call-outs? Or are you curious to see how your package design performs on shelf?

Look no further, expoze.io is for you. By analyzing your design choices using our platform, you know exactly what to add, remove, change or update.

What are you waiting for? Let's draw those people in by improving your store front visibility!

Retail testing
Truly endless possibilities

Truly endless possibilities

The list goes on and on.

Instant results, the ability to continuously test various iterations of your design, even in context, and the increased confidence in the final delivery. The possibilities really are endless.

So, what's your excuse? It's time to become the creative star of your organisation.