Test your

Attention matters

Attention matters

Consumers, especially in a retail environment, are continuously bombarded with brands, products and packaging. Each one screaming for the same thing.


And guess what; consumers only have so much to spare. But how do you ensure that attention goes to the right product, shelf or point-of-sale?

That's where we come in.

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See through the eyes of your customer

Analyze the way shoppers move through your store and see what they see, without needing to ask them.


Improve your point-of-sale

expoze.io helps you decide on what visual changes to make to guide consumers to the elements that drive sales, like promotions and limited-time offers.

Our platform does so by predicting what draws attention, and what doesn't.

We don't have to tell you that if a consumer doesn't see your promotion or offer, they won't take advantage and buy the product, right?

Improve your point-of-sale
Test your packaging Test your packaging

Test your packaging

The packaging of your products is crucial in the buying process.

We've seen major brands redesigning the look and feel of their products, only to find out many consumers didn't recognize their "refreshed" product anymore, losing millions in the process.

Testing is crucial.

By validating your new design using our platform you ensure the most important elements, like your logo or slogan, get the attention they deserve.

Optimize your shelves

Your point of sales looks perfect and your package redesign works like a charm. Awesome!

But what about the products you can't really influence? Time to optimize your shelves to ensure those high revenue products actually get noticed first.

Find out what positioning works best on a shelf to steer attention to the products you want to sell.

Optimize your shelves
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Get started, today

Get started, today

Starting at a fraction of the cost of traditional eye-tracking, attention prediction has never been more accessible.

It's time to improve your shelves, point-of-sale and other retail materials using the power of AI, backed by scientifically valid data.

What more could you want? It is time to create your best design, using expoze.io!


Prefer a live demo?

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Book a demo with one of our experts in a timeslot that works best for you to see our platform in action. It's time to find out what our platform can do for you.