Predict attention for your

Why attention matters

Attention can be defined as the ability to focus awareness on one thing while ignoring others. 

The tricky bit about attention is though, that it's a limited resource. Consumers only have so much to spare and you definitely aren't the only one fighting for it.

Why attention matters
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For app and web design For app and web design

For app and web design

Directing said attention to the right element on your webpage or in your app is crucial.

Our platform helps you decide on what changes to make to guide consumers to the elements most important for your clients or business by predicting what grabs attention, and what doesn't.

It's time to optimize your webpage or app based on attention!


Part of your favorite apps

Yet another platform that pulls you from your workflow? No way!

We've built plugins for your favorite apps, including Figma, Chrome, Adobe XD, and Photoshop, so you never have to step out of your favorite app for testing ever again!

Part of your favorite apps

Improve any UI or UX

Improve any UI or UX Improve any UI or UX

Any button or Call To Action

Next to full page or app designs, it's just as easy to test various UI or UX designs linked to your campaign, like call-to-actions or buttons.

By using attention as an additional ingredient to optimize the design of these elements you will improve campaign performance.

Go and make your clients or teammates happy!

Any button or Call To Action
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And even video games

With every UI or UX we really mean every UI and UX. Even those in video games.

For gamers it's crucial their interface isn't cluttered, especially in fast games in which their reflexes are tested.

By testing your newly designed user interface using, you'll be able to quickly identify and dispose of those elements drawing attention away from what's important: the game itself.

And even video games And even video games

Get the most out of your UI or UX design

Get started, today

Get started, today

Starting at a fraction of the cost of traditional eye-tracking, attention prediction has never been more accessible.

It's time to improve your UI and UX designs using the power of AI, backed by scientifically valid data.

What more could you want? It is time to create your best design, using!

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Prefer a live demo?

No problem.

Book a demo with one of our experts in a timeslot that works best for you to see our platform in action and find out what can do for your app, web or video game.

It's time to start creating your best possible design.