Is Las Vegas Sphere's Attention Marketing the Next Big Advertising Breakthrough?

Daan van der Wiele

Daan van der Wiele

Head of Marketing and Product

Prepare to be mesmerized by the MSG Sphere, Las Vegas's $2.3 billion masterpiece and the world's attention-marketing canvas like no other. With dazzling LED displays that light up the city's skyline, this architectural marvel is not just a venue—it's an immersive spectacle, a stage for captivating events, and the future of advertising. Get ready for a deep dive into the world of attention marketing, where creativity meets technology in a new era of engagement.

Source: Sphere Entertainment

What’s So Special about The Sphere?

Think of Las Vegas as the place for thrilling shows and groundbreaking ideas. Now, enter the MSG Sphere, a game-changer in the advertising world.

The MSG Sphere defies convention and redefines entertainment. This creative architecture took five years to make and stands 366 feet tall, boasting 1.2 million tiny LED discs, each a pixel of vibrant possibility. Its interior hosts up to 19,000 spectators in a sensory wonderland, while its exterior, known as the “Exosphere”, is the planet's largest LED screen. It's a dreamy canvas that beckons attention marketing to new heights.

At first glance, you might wonder why the Sphere sits where it does. But in reality, its location has been cleverly chosen to make the most of the 88,000 tourists passing by daily. Placed snugly between the Venetian and Wynn hotels, which together offer nearly 10,000 rooms, the Sphere enjoys prime real estate along the bustling Las Vegas Strip. This strategic positioning means that it can be seen from multiple vantage points, ensuring that it catches the eye of countless onlookers each day.

Source: Sphere Vegas Instagram

Unleashing Attention Marketing:

The MSG Sphere offers something completely new for advertisers. It's all about having your message seen across the entire city, even reaching the world! What's most exciting? You can make your ads here as unique as you want. It's as if Las Vegas is reimagining how advertising works. It's like a whole new era in how brands and people connect. Could this be the future of advertising? Vegas is known for setting trends in entertainment, and the MSG Sphere could be the next big thing in grabbing your consumers’ attention.

Picture your brand's message illuminating the Las Vegas nightscape, impossible to ignore. This isn't just advertising; it's an immersive experience that sparks awe and wonder. Attention marketing on the MSG Sphere isn't just about grabbing eyeballs—it's about capturing hearts and minds, and this is how the Sphere does it:

  • Advancements in Advertising Technology: Experience advertising like never before with cutting-edge technology, making every moment immersive and captivating. This will help you, as an advertiser, gain maximum attention from your target audience.

  • The Chromatic Canvas: Imagine a 360-degree canvas of vibrant colors, enveloping the entire sphere. Your brand's narrative will come to life, which will lead to more engagement amongst your consumers.

  • Dynamic Innovation: Explore a world of limitless possibilities, where your content can be as dynamic as your imagination. Since the sphere has more flexibility in exploring different ways of advertising, one can get as creative as they want, which can create new milestones in advertising. 

  • Crafting Profound Narratives: Here, brands don't just advertise; they create stories that resonate deeply with audiences. It's about forging connections in ways that are fresh, exciting, and unforgettable. Experiences and emotions are things that are difficult to forget. Through the Sphere, brands can increase their brand recognition and recall by creating unforgettable experiences. 

  • Augmented Reality Insights: Using augmented reality, brands create cool experiences that mix the real world with the digital one. This can become a sensation amongst viewers, as it will be a unique experience for them.

  • Prime Spot: The Sphere's colossal proportions and its ideal spot guarantee that your ad won't go unnoticed by both the millions of visitors and locals. It boasts unrivaled visibility, making it a captivating spectacle for a worldwide audience.

The Price of Spectacle:

In a recent revelation, the closely guarded pricing for advertising on the Sphere has come to light, unveiling the costs of $450,000 for a single day and $650,000 for a week-long ad campaign.

On the surface, the cost of $450,000 for a mere 24 hours of advertising might seem staggering. Yet, when you delve into the details, MSG Sphere's pricing structure appears more reasonable. It's based on their ambitious projection of delivering a whopping 4.7 million daily impressions. What's more, this package encompasses a creative partnership, allowing advertisers to collaborate with their team in shaping a compelling 90-second ad.

These impressions are composed of 300,000 in-person views and a staggering 4.4 million across various social media platforms. It's worth noting that the Sphere's digital footprint has soared since its debut, with its Instagram followers skyrocketing from 141,000 to a staggering 700,000 within the inaugural week. In parallel, their TikTok following has experienced a meteoric rise from 227,000 to over 1.1 million. To provide perspective, when stacked against the price of a 30-second TV ad during the 2024 Super Bowl—an impressive $7.5 million without factoring in production costs—the Sphere's advertising fee of $450,000 seems increasingly reasonable.

Discover Endless Possibilities:

The NBA (National Basketball Association) took the lead by being the very first to advertise on the Sphere for a full two weeks. They used this unique opportunity to promote the NBA Summer League in a spectacular way. Imagine the Sphere lighting up like a giant basketball in the Las Vegas skyline—that's exactly what happened! The Sphere's Instagram even featured NBA players posing with this luminous spectacle.

Source: Sphere Vegas Insta
Source: Sphere Vegas Instagram

Not to be outdone, YouTube also saw the potential of this massive advertising platform. They rolled out their first paid ad on the Sphere, and it was nothing short of amazing. For nearly two weeks, the Sphere showcased a spinning football helmet with NFL team logos. This dazzling display drew everyone's attention.

Source: YouTube Instagram

But the excitement doesn't stop here. The Sphere has big plans for the future. It's set to unveil a special campaign during the November Formula 1 Las Vegas Grand Prix, and guess what? The race route passes right beneath the Sphere, promising a fantastic blend of sports and entertainment in the heart of Las Vegas.

Charting the Future:

The big question is, will this Sphere sensation keep going? Well, it all boils down to a creative team of over 300 designers and event planners. They're the ones responsible for crafting mind-blowing content and experiences that make people stop and say, "Wow!" and then share those moments on social media.

You know, even in a bustling place like Times Square, with around 500,000 people passing through daily, getting your ads to go crazy on social media is pretty rare. And remember how fast trends on TikTok change? Usually, they only stick around for three days before everyone's onto the next big thing.

Also, the number of impressions the Sphere gets is again based on vanity metrics, which does not guarantee that the viewers are actually paying attention to the advertisement and the brand it represents. Sure, in the beginning, it catches all the eyes and might ensure full attention because this is something unique, but will this carry on once the hype goes away? Can attention still be ensured without relying solely on vanity metrics like impressions?

One solution to the problem of vanity metrics is to use AI that predicts attention to advertisements. One such AI is which uses eye-tracking data to measure how much attention a creative would get. It presents attention heatmaps and also gives advertisers the option to choose different elements in their creative and predict how much attention each element would get. This surpasses all vanity metrics, and once the hype around the Sphere starts fading, this AI provides hope to keep getting attention on the ads!

Now, if the Sphere can keep up its spectacular viral game, kind of like how everyone knows the Eiffel Tower in Paris, it might become a symbol of worldwide coolness—a symbol of one of the most happening cities in the world.

And here's the kicker: even though the Sphere has only been open for a week, they're already talking about building another one in London. But not everyone's thrilled about it. Local folks there are worried about things like too much light and how it might affect wildlife. And in Las Vegas, people are concerned that the Sphere's mind-bending visuals could distract drivers, making them stop suddenly on the busy Sands Avenue.

And wait, there's more. Some folks at a U2 concert felt dizzy because the visuals were so intense in this 360-degree place. So, you've got to wonder, did the Sphere folks push the boundaries a bit too much?


In conclusion, the MSG Sphere in Las Vegas is not just an architectural masterpiece but a game-changer in the world of advertising. Its immersive technology, prime location, and potential for interactive campaigns have redefined how brands can connect with their audience. However, its long-term success depends on the ability to maintain virality and engagement beyond the initial hype. 

No matter how unique and extraordinary an advertisement gets in the future, humans tend to get accustomed to it and it eventually loses its charm. To avoid this, as has been recommended above, using AI tools to predict attention would keep the game going. Advertisers would no longer be required to depend on vanity metrics or fear the monument losing its charm, as their ads would be attention-grabbing enough to ensure brand recognition and recall. 

It is amazing to see the advancement and creativity in advertisements and how they will shape the future, but one must tread this path slowly and mindfully to always stay on top of the game. The MSG Sphere is undoubtedly a remarkable advertising canvas, but it has some challenges to address, including environmental concerns and safety. Predictive AI, together with these technological advances, can make history in the realm of advertising.

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