Improved Onboarding Flow, Freemium Plan and all-new Free Pro Trials! (v1.4.0)

October 03, 2022

New update!

Improved Onboarding Flow, Freemium Plan and all-new Free Pro Trials! (v1.4.0)

In today's release (v1.4.0)
We added/updated the following functionality:

  • Introduced a new ‘Freemium’ plan which comes with 5 free image processing credits
  • 14-day Pro trials are now available to Freemium users
  • At the end of the Pro trial, users will no longer have their payment method charged unless they choose to purchase a subscription
  • Completely overhauled and improved the onboarding process and email sequence for new users
  • Updated the registration flow on the website to make it quicker and easier to sign up
  • Users will now be notified of the number of days remaining in their trial on the web app
  • Updated the logic behind transitioning plans from freemium/trial to reflect the new sign up process
  • Educational users can renew their plan at the end of the billing cycle if they still meet the criteria

We fixed the following/squished the following bugs:
  • We've fixed an error occurring with repeat password validation
  • We’ve updated some small visual irregularities
  • Fixed an issue with the media viewer when opening certain items
  • Fixed some typos

Thanks for reporting these bugs to us, we can't do this without you. If you happen to run into a bug yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support page.

A glimpse of what's coming

We love being open about what we're currently working on, so we wanted to give you a glimpse of what's to come in our next releases by providing a publicly available roadmap. We also give visitors the option to upvote certain features and ideas so we can better understand what we should be working on!

Keep in mind these are work in progress and thus priorities might shift, leading to features being pushed to a release later down the road or not being released at all.