Launch 1.0 scheduled for May 2020

April 24, 2020

As you might have noticed we are hard at work making the platform you and we want it to be. So hard in fact, we have some awesome news to share:

Launch 1.0 scheduled for May 2020

Obviously, we would like to say thank you. Thank you for using our platform and for providing us with input and feedback to get to the next level.

We couldn't have done this without you.
So now what?
As a beta user we wanted to let you know about the changes you can expect with the release of v1.0.0. and how these changes impact you.

What to expect
With the release of 1.0.0 will launch as a subscription based service with various plans available, each focused on different needs. will also have an entirely new look and feel as well as a place to call home in the form of a brand new landing page!

Obviously we wouldn't be launching in it's current beta form as 1.0.0;
we will launch various new features as part of the different plans including:
  • The long awaited eye-tracking analysis for video
  • Custom heatmaps
  • Working in teams
  • Custom watermarking
  • Priority queuing
Available plans
We wanted to ensure we have plans available, no matter what needs and requirements you might have. That's why, at launch, will have the following plans available:
  • Core: image analysis, individual user
  • Core+: image analysis, multi user
  • Pro: image and video analysis, multi user, advanced features
  • Pro+: custom solution based on your requirements, custom features
An extensive overview of what each plan entails can be found on our pricing page. The pricing page covers the full list of advanced and custom features as well.

How does this impact me?
We want to ensure the shift from beta to 1.0 goes smoothly. To do so, we have answered a couple of questions below to help you understand how the launch impacts you as a user:

On launch day we will start gradually sending out invites over the course of the day. We aim to have sent all of our beta users an invite by the end of the day.
  • While your email address will remain the same, we do require you to reset your password. Not to worry though, in the invitation mail we send you will receive a link to reset your password and validate your details, so keep an eye on your inbox.
  • Due to the major changes in our platform we will not be migrating existing data currently in our beta platform. If there are any files you would like to keep, please ensure you have downloaded these before May 20 2020. 
  • As a thank you beta users will receive a free month of the Expoze Core plan, which contains eye-tracking analysis for up to 50 images per month. In order for you to try out the newly added eye-tracking analysis for video we're also adding 30 seconds of video!
  • Not looking to use your account anymore? After the free month, if a subscription isn't added and your account wasn't used, your account will be automatically removed.
As an additional thank you to all our beta users we will also be offering a unique deal on the 1 year Pro package, which contains eye-tracking analysis for video (up to 11 minutes) as well as unlimited image processing. We will announce the specific details of this deal on launch day. 

We are looking forward to taking our platform to the next level, together!