Platform update: release 1.0.1

June 03, 2020

The one with the bug fixes.

Platform update: release 1.0.1

While we are very happy and proud of our version 1.0.0 released two weeks ago, it also brings us loads of new work in the shape of issues to resolve and bugs to squash. We feel it's crucial that you get the right experience when using our platform and thus we're trying to push updates on a very regular basis the coming weeks, starting today.

In today's release (v1.0.1)
We added the following functionality:

  • We added the information bubbles to better explain the various custom options when generating a prediction.

We fixed the following/squashed the following bugs:
  • Sometimes the results page would not refresh, even when the prediction was already finished.
  • In certain scenarios when having processed a video the remaining seconds of video would be displayed incorrectly.
  • Refreshing a page while running a prediction made the page go blank.
  • For some of you password resets weren't working properly, or the email took ages to deliver.
  • Sometimes, when uploading an mp4 file and running a prediction, the actual video player would show a black screen.
  • The avatar letter and/or image weren't centered properly.
  • Sometimes the prediction would be stated as ready while it was still being processed.
  • After renaming a workspace or editing a description of a workspace the change would be reverted to the original input.
  • Sometimes when uploading multiple media at once, not all media would show in the workspace.
  • Sometimes when viewing a result page, refreshing would result in the nav bar disappearing.
  • The close button for the my profile bar wasn't working.

Special shoutout to some bugs caused by Apple and it's software/codec combination:
  • Some Safari users encountered issues when uploading mp4 files.
  • Some Safari users encountered issues viewing predictions based on uploaded mp4 files.
  • Some Safari users encountered issues when using the heatmap slider for images.
  • Uploading a .mov file would result in the video player not playing the specific file.

Some issues we are aware of and will fix in a coming release:
  • In some scenarios users are unable to download the original file, in addition to the prediction.
  • In some scenarios users are unable to remove a workspace when a prediction is running.
  • In some scenarios the overview of the workspace shows the original unresized images.
  • In some scenarios the sidebar vanishes for a second when switching pages.
  • Some Safari users are encountering issues when creating subspaces (duplicate subspace, field is required while it was filled in).

Thanks for reporting the bugs to us, we can't do this without you. If you happen to run into a bug yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support page.