Platform update: release 1.0.3

July 08, 2020

The one with the pro features and backend fixes

Platform update: release 1.0.3

In today's release (v1.0.3)
We added the following functionality:

  • As an administrator you can now invite other users to your organisation when the "Work in teams" feature is enabled in your plan.
  • In addition we have also increased the capabilities of administrators regarding user management. As an administrator you are now able to also:
    set user roles, change and update your users details, force password resets for users, add and remove users, revoke user invites
  • As a user/administrator you are now able to add the following additional profile details:
    Mobile phone number, Job Title, Department
  • We improved the messaging shown when errors, failed logins etc occur, to give users a better idea of how to fix the problems they run into (like not having activated their account).
  • We have added descriptions for the various presets available to clearly describe what they are and how they are best used.

We fixed the following/squished the following bugs:
  • Image resizing and thumbnail generation should now properly work for all image sizes.
  • In certain scenarios when a user would reset their password they would be redirected to a blank page.
  • In some scenarios the side bar would vanish for a second when switching pages.

Some issues we are aware of and will fix in a coming release:
  • In some scenarios users are unable to download the original file, in addition to the prediction.
  • In some scenarios users are unable to remove a workspace when a prediction is running.
  • Some Safari users are encountering issues when creating subspaces (duplicate subspace, field is required while it was filled in).

Thanks for reporting the bugs to us, we can't do this without you. If you happen to run into a bug yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support page.