Platform update: release 1.0.4

October 05, 2020

The one with the improved security features, subscription management and watermarking.

Platform update: release 1.0.4

In today's release (v1.0.4)
We added the following functionality:

  • As an administrator you are now able to manage your plan in more detail, including upgrading to a plan containing more images or even video.
  • As a user you are now able to see exactly how long it will take for an image or video to be processed and analyzed as we added in a neat ETA timer.
  • We made some changes to our backend to improve security.
  • We've improved our error reporting and logging so we are more easily able to identify any issues users might experience.
  • As a Pro or Pro+ user you are now able to add (custom) watermarks to your predictions.

We fixed the following/squished the following bugs:
  • Certain functionality wasn't accessible to users, while it should be accessible based on their plan.
  • Once a point of contact was set, users weren't able to update/change it.
  • The users tab (team functionality) wasn't showing for Core+ users.
  • For some of you password resets weren't working properly, or the email took ages to deliver.
  • When logging out wouldn't redirect you to the login page.
  • When changing your email address an incorrect email address error message would appear even though the address was correct.
  • The duration of a video in the videoplayer would sometimes be displayed incorrectly.
  • Some of the Alpha and Boost values were incorrectly displayed: we know an Alpha value of 0 doesn't exist (doh!).

Some issues we are aware of and will fix in a coming release:
  • There is no check on existing content when deleting a workspace
  • In some scenarios users are unable to download the original file, in addition to the prediction.
  • In some scenarios users are unable to remove a workspace when a prediction is running.
  • Some Safari users are encountering issues when creating subspaces (duplicate subspace, field is required while it was filled in).
Thanks for reporting the bugs to us, we can't do this without you. If you happen to run into a bug yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support page.

A glimpse of our next release
We love being open about what we're currently working on, so we wanted to give you a glimpse of what's to come in our next release:
  • Ever heard of SSO? Well we're bringing it to our Pro plans as an advanced feature.
  • We've heard you: we're improving file and download management including the option to mass download predictions, move, rename and delete files and subspaces.
  • UI/UX consistency: this has been something to improve for us for a while and we're working on improving this across the board soon.
  • Security your thing but don't have access to SSO? We're working on 2FA for ALL plans to allow you to secure your account on your own terms.
Keep in mind these are work in progress and priorities might shift to a release later down the road. We will obviously update the above list in our next release.