Version 1.2.0 of is here

November 15, 2021

The one with the rebrand

Version 1.2.0 of is here

In today's release (v1.2.0)
We added/updated the following functionality:

  • We've updated our logo and visual style!
  • We've launched a Knowledge Base to cover everything from getting started to SSO!
  • We've added the option to access our newly added knowledge base via the support button!
  • We've improved the way our live chat works in the platform by removing the bot.
  • We've launched a Public Roadmap, including the option to vote for your favorite feature.
  • We've improved the integration with our payment processing solution so setting up a new account or a trial is now easier than ever.
  • We've improved the subscription/trial checkout page to more clearly state what you are signing up for.
  • We've improved credit and feature handling in our backend to build more flexible plans going forward.
  • We've improved our video player, which wasn't as consistent as it could be.
  • We've prepped our platform for the plugins we will be releasing shortly, starting with a plugin for Chrome!

We fixed the following/squished the following bugs:
  • Refreshing the page to show video predictions after running it should no longer be needed.
  • Updating your profile picture should no longer result in a spinning wheel.
  • Deleting your account now displays the correct values.
  • User invites couldn't be revoked, this is now fixed.
  • Watermark functionality has been restored.
  • Users couldn't be deleted from an account, this is now fixed.
  • Users weren't synced with our CRM properly thus not triggering the onboarding flow properly.
  • CI/CD implementation has been added to make deployments easier and faster, without users experiencing downtime.
  • Confirmation mails are now sent after a couple of minutes instead of during the registration process.
  • We've made some changes to the change/cancellation workflow.
  • The preview sizing for workspaces should now be correctly displayed.
  • The upload menu now has a reset button if you want to upload multiple files across various workspaces and subspaces so file store location is updated.
  • Workspace buttons would sometimes disappear after refreshing a page.
  • Credits are now properly retracted when switching plans.
  • In some scenarios the second page of spaces would remains even when all spaces are shown on the first page.
  • We've updated the password strength requirement as this was too strong (is that possible? Yes apparently!).
  • When adding multiple new workspaces the 'this field is required' text appeared too early.
  • Creating a new workspace was sometimes causing duplicate workspaces to be created instead of a single one.
  • Creating subspaces created two subspaces instead of one.
  • When clicking the back button on the checkout page it acted as if a submit was done.
  • When activating an account while already logged in, the currently logged in user didn't automatically log out.
  • Contact details have been updated across platform and emails
  • We're now displaying a warning when you don't have enough credits to run a prediction.
  • The logo wasnt displaying correctly in certain emails.
  • The first mail after trial registration wasn't always delivered.
  • A transcoding error for certain file types was fixed.
  • The new logo and visual style is added across all comms, pages etc.
  • The main login page has been slightly adjusted to accommodate for magic linking, appsumo user logins and to also match the new brand style.
  • We've added the option to log in using magic link for all users.

Some issues we are aware of and will fix in a coming release:
  • We currently don't have any open reported issues :-)
Thanks for reporting the bugs to us, we can't do this without you. If you happen to run into a bug yourself, don't hesitate to get in touch with us through our support page.

A glimpse of what's coming
We love being open about what we're currently working on, so we wanted to give you a glimpse of what's to come in our next releases by providing a publicly available roadmap. We also give visitors the option to upvote certain features and ideas so we can better understand what we should be working on!

Keep in mind these are work in progress and thus priorities might shift, leading to features being pushed to a release later down the road or not being released at all.