Some conditions to meet

As you might expect, there are a couple of conditions that need to be met for any purchase to be counted towards your kickback fee:

  • The subscribed plan needs to be either a Core+ or Pro annual plan.
  • The Core+ plan has a one-off kickback fee of 25,- EUR and the Pro plan has a one-off kickback fee of 300,- EUR.
  • Only purchases done via, using your unique promo code, are eligible for the kickback fee.
  • The purchase needs to be final and irreversible, as per article 4.2 of our Terms & Conditions.

Some additional things to take into consideration:
  • There is no hard cap on your kickback fee.
  • The 5% discount for new subscribers is only valid for initial purchases. 

Calculation example:
Let’s assume in a single month you sell our Pro plan twice, while selling our Core+ plan 3 times: awesome job!

Pro plan: 2 x 300,- = 600,- EUR
Core+ plan: 3 x 25,- = 75,- EUR

These 5 sales will earn you 675,- EUR in the month following.