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Why rely on old fashioned research methods when you can predict what really matters? Get your eye-tracking results for image and video in the blink of an eye.

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AI-based eye tracking

AI-based eye tracking

Meet Our platform uses AI to predict the outcome of your eye tracking research study, meaning human participants are no longer needed.

This drastically reduces the time it takes to set up your study and generate results. Even better: It makes result delivery almost instant!

Predicting attention has never been easier, nor faster.

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Element or object attention

Want to go further than a heatmap? No problem.

Using our Area Of Interest feature, you can predict attention for one or multiple objects or elements within your visual to predict exactly how much attention it would get.

Time to find out exactly how much attention your discount box, CTA or call-out receives!

Element or object attention Element or object attention
Endless applications

Endless applications

What if you were able to identify which of your brochure or ad designs would work best? Or if you could test your out of home campaign in context without having to go live?

What about being able to predict how well your product packaging would work on a shelf? Or having the option to test your UX/UI changes without pushing it to beta users?

The possibilities are endless with Want to see more?

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Accurate and scientifically valid

Being part of Alpha.One, we take great pride in our scientific background and validation. Everything we do, we base on solid scientific research. Our platform is no exception.

The technology used in our platform is based on solid computer vision research and results in an accuracy of 95% when compared to traditional eye-tracking, according to the MIT benchmark.

Accurate and scientifically valid

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