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Save up to 90% on as long as you are enrolled at selected educational institutes.

How it works

How it works

If you are enrolled in or employed by one of the participating educational institutes you can simply register with your education-issued email address using the button above.

Is your educational institute not partnered with us yet? No problem.

Please leave the name of your institute below and we will see what we can do.

The benefits

Take advantage of the full power of our attention prediction platform:

  • Analyze up to 100 images and 60 seconds of video per month.
  • Receive attention prediction results in seconds.
  • An accuracy of 87% vs the 92% accuracy of traditional eye-tracking, according to the MIT benchmark.
  • Test any image or video; from advertisements to UX and from landing page to packaging.
  • Optimize existing designs by steering attention to the most important elements.
  • Use AOI's to identify if your CTA, logo or tagline gets noticed.
  • Work from the applications you love by using our plugins.
  • And many other features...

The benefits The benefits

Let's talk education!

At, we have a close relationship with several academic institutions whom also share our vision of making neuroscientific testing methods more accessible to all who need them.

In line with that vision, we're making available to participating educational institutes, educators and students at a student-friendly price.

Are you or do you represent an educational institute and are you looking to join our partners list? Simply book some time using the calendar on the left or drop us a line.