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Optimize your ad design Optimize your ad design

Optimize your ad design

By predicting what grabs attention in your design we help you decide on what things to change, in a data driven, scientifically backed way. And we don't stop there.

Using our Area Of Interest feature you can predict attention for one or multiple objects or elements within your visual to predict exactly how much attention it would get.

Time to find out exactly how much attention your discount box, CTA or call-out receives!

Your ad, your best version

Your ad, your best version

In most cases ad testing happens at the end of the design process, when the designs are almost final, but what if you could start testing your ad during your design process?

With expoze.io we help you create the best version of your ad, no matter in what phase you are.

Whether your ad will be shown on TV, in a social media feed or on a billboard, our platform will help you create that one ad that breaks through the clutter.


A or B?

A commonly used technique is A/B testing, although it has some drawbacks, in the shape of time and budget. We also quite often test ads for the sake of testing.

Our platform allows you to only send those ads to A/B testing that actually cut through the clutter. A/B testing, but without the strings attached.

Based on our heatmaps, which designs would you pick for A/B testing and which would you drop?

A or B? A or B?
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Context is everything

Context is everything

While we are big fans of optimizing design on ad level, things really get interesting when moving to testing in context. Your ad design might look appealing on it's own, but it might not be performing at all in the real world. 

With expoze.io you are able to test your ad designs in a contextual setting or natural environment, like a FaceBook time line or bus stop. This allows you to get a better understanding of the breakthrough value of your ad, telling you if your ad actually gets seen.

We don't have to tell you that if a consumer can't see what you're selling, they can't buy your product, right?


Which ad has the highest breakthrough?

Which ad has the highest breakthrough? Which ad has the highest breakthrough?

Get the most out of your ads and campaigns

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Starting at a fraction of the cost of traditional eye-tracking, attention prediction has never been more accessible. 

It's time to create more meaningful content with a bigger impact, backed by scientifically valid data.

Don't want to switch away from your favorite platform? No worries. expoze.io is also available through Photoshop, Figma, Adobe XD and Chrome as a plugin!

Get started, today
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Prefer a live demo?

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Book a demo with one of our experts in a timeslot that works best for you to see our platform in action and find out what expoze.io can do for your ad testing strategy, no matter what stage of the design process you're in.

It's time to start creating your best ad.